Children's Birthday Parties

Host your next children's birthday party at the firehouse! Our new birthday package includes interactive time with a real firetruck and a fire safety demonstration. Contact for details and to reserve your time.

Parties will include the following.
1) Set up of tables and chairs.
2) A fire safety quiz.
3) Demonstrate working and non-working smoke detectors.
4) Pass around and explain some of the tools we use and how/why we use them.
5) A member will demonstrate going from street clothes to fully dressed in fire gear and explain to them why they shouldn’t be afraid of a fire fighter in full gear.
6) Break for lunch (While kids eat a member will setup the fire truck to spray the cone).
7) Each child and adult (if you dare) will get to spray the fire hose, attempting to knock a safety cone over) from a working fire truck.
8) Cake time and presents to be provided by parents.
9) Break down of tables and chairs.