Command Vehicle

2019 Chevrolet Tahoe SSV

The command vehicle is used by the Chief, or officer in charge, to respond directly to scenes and coordinate the incident.  The vehicle is equipped with numerous radios, tools, and pre-plans, along with a custom fire service cabinet which includes a workspace for the officer to coordinate the incident.

Communication is critical for any incident.  The truck is equipped with several radios covering VHF, UHF, and 700/800 MHz frequencies.  This allows us to communicate with all of our mutual aid and monitor the fireground effectively. 

The unit is also equipped with a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), spare air bottle, forcible entry tools, water extinguisher, medical kit, oxygen, defibrillator, portable radios, lights, and accountability supplies. 

This vehicle was purchased entirely with fire company funds, including money raised from fundraising such as the pancake breakfasts and annual fund drive.

Engine 2-2

2019 Spartan Gladiator

  • Cummins ISX 565 Horsepower engine
  • Allison automatic transmission
  • Waterous  2000 GPM Pump
  • 750 Gallon Water Tank / 50 Gallon Foam Tank
  • Compressed Air Foam System (C.A.F.S) capability
        – Four discharges and Deck Gun
        – 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute) air compressor
  • Will-Burt Night Scan NS 2.3 light tower
  • 10.0 KW generator
  • Hannay Booster Reel

Tender 2-7

2007 4Guys/Spartan Gladiator

  • Caterpillar 525 Horsepower engine
  • Allison automatic transmission
  • 2,000 GPM Waterous pump
  • 3,500 Gallon poly water tank with stainless steel wrap
  • Stainless steel fire body
  • Two Ziamatic hydraulic Fold-A-Tank racks
  • 10” Side dumps located between the tandem axles
  • 12” Rear dump

Ladder 2-9

1999 Pierce Lance

Ladder 2-9 was placed into service in 2022. The truck was purchased with fire company funds and is the first ladder truck in southern Washington Township and northern Tewksbury Township.

  • 105′ ladder
  • 2000 gallon per minute pump
  • 500 gallon water tank
  • Oshkosh all steer system

Utility 2-8

2011 Ford F350 / Transtar Truck Body

Utility 2-8 was purchased entirely by fundraising efforts including the yearly fund drive, pancake breakfasts, and coin tosses. The members of Fairmount Fire are extremely grateful to the residents of Washington & Tewksbury Township for making this truck possible.

Reserve Engine 2-1

1993 International / Marion

Reserve Engine 2-1 was placed into service in 2021 as an interim engine until receipt of our 2022 Spartan. Engine 2-1 filled an immediate need for a short wheel base engine to maneuver many challenging roads and driveways in the Fairmount area. The truck saw previous us as “Engine 16-2-74” with the East Freehold, NJ Fire Department. It is anticipated to see continued fire service use in New Jersey after being retired from Fairmount.

  • 750 GPM pump
  • 500 gallon water tank

Retired Apparatus

Engine 2-1

2003 Pierce Dash
  • 4-wheel drive
  • Cummins ISM-500 Horsepower engine
  • Hale PSD 1,250 single stage 1,250 GPM PTO Pump
  • Compressed Air Foam System (C.A.F.S) capability
        – Four discharges
        – 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute) air compressor
  • 500 Gallon Water Tank / 25 Gallon Foam Tank
  • Warn M6000 winch
  • Will-burt Night Scan Chief NS6-3000 light tower
  • 10.0 kw diesel-water cooled generator
  • Akron #3440 “Deck Master” remote control master stream with Elkhart #SM-100E Select-O-Matic nozzle

Engine 2-1 was retired in 2021 and was purchased by an agency in Quebec to be refurbished and put back into fire service use.

Chief 2-60

2006 Ford Expedition

This piece was retired in 2021

Engine 2-2

1993 Pierce Dash
  • 1000 Gallon Tank
  • 1500 GPM Pump

Engine 2-2 was retired in 2019


1986 Ford Club Wagon

Tender 2-7

1987 Pierce Lance

  • 2750 Gallon Tank
  • 1000GPM Pump

Tender 2-7 was retired in 2007. It is last known to be operated by Lyon County Fire District 2 in Kentucky as “Tanker 203”.


1994 Ford Crown Victoria


Saulsbury Front Mount / 4 wheel drive

  • 500 Gallon Tank
  • 1000GPM Pump

34-61 was retired in 2003. It is last known to be operated by Houghton-Cedar Township, Iowa Fire Department.


1972 Mack / John Bean


1967 International / Hahn

“Old Red”

Our first fire truck
1949 International/Ward LaFrance

  • 275 Gallon Tank
  • 500GPM Pump

Old Red was retired in 1967 and is currently owned by the Fire Company. Old Red can still be seen at parades, car shows, and fire company events.

“Tribute in Light” photos provided courtesy of Bill and Chris Tompkins, BTFirePhotos
Tender 2-7, Utility 2-9, and “Old Red” photos provided courtesy of Adam Alberti, NJFirePictures